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About Us

Why Choose Us

SooriTech is a market leader in providing software services that accelerate adoption of cloud, SaaS, mobile, and tablet solutions. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in the Atlanta area, SooriTech is successfully delivering cutting-edge web and mobile software solutions in a variety of industries.

What we do best is providing custom software analysis, design, development, testing and Integration services to clients worldwide. Provide solutions and consultation to the majority of industries and clients.Produce high-end results and high performance applications.

Our specialty is creating web based applications, rich internet applications, softwares as a service, cloud applications, web portals, business intelligence, mobile applications by applying the latest methodologies and technologies.

Let us help you reach your goals within your timeframe and budget.

Software Engineering
User Experience
Knowledge Management

Your Business Solution

In what main criterias SooriTech provide consulting?

  • Web Application Architecture & Develpment
  • Mobile Application Architecture & Develpment
  • UX/UI Architecture Information & Design
  • Business Process Management
  • Digital Marketing & Branding
  • Big Data & Predictive Analytics
  • Augmented Reality, AI and Clouds

What do SooriTech Offer to Businesses?

SooriTech can assist you in growth strategy, technology roadmaps, strategic planning and development, Innovation, Digitization, and Change management by getting benefits of variety of tools, techniques, methodologies and technologies.

Predicting and smoothing the path to the next steps, next generation services and digital transformation in shaping the future of variety of industies.

What is SooriTech Mission Statement?

In an ever-changing world that we live in, that all companies in different industries are over lapping their own business criteria to apply the technologies at hand and keep up with thier competitiors.

We, Sooritech, as IT Technolgists and Professinals can help companies to grow, apply technologies and reach their objectives.

Now that networking has become a software driven business, and business decisions are more and more are based on analytics and data, software has the main role in all industires. Sooritech's mission is to explore and build the software of your needs.

Our Skills

WordPress, PHP, Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3
Graphic Design & Branding
Digital Marketing & Monetization
Big Data & Analytics
Java & Java Technologies
AWS Clouds, Google and Azure
IOS, Android & Windows Mobile
Oracle, Mysql, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL