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    Web Application Solutions
    We provide solutions to your b2b, b2c, e-commerce, e-learning

    online booking & scheduling, custome web design & development

    Content Management Systems and CRM integration.
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    UI/UX Architecture & Design
    Let us do the cross functinal designs, workflows, wireframes, enhance customer usability,

    do the end user interview, analyze the business needs and map them to the functionalities.
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    Mobile Solutions

    We manage seamless, light, fast solutions for your IOS, Android,

    Windows Phone, Wearable Devices applications. Online Order Managements,

    Payment Managements, Shopping Carts and User Management.

Web Applications

Functional, solution-centric, Responsive, Browser Consistent, Optimized, Effecive Navigation, Marketing Enabled Content

Mobile Applications

Simple yet Effective Design, Compliance with GPRD, Cross-Platform Coverage, Integration of Augmented Reality

UX/UI Design

Planned Information Architecture, Usability & Accessability, Human Factor, Visual Design, Multimedia Content, Holistic View

Digital Marketing

Social Media Integration, SEO, PPC, CPI/CPM, Website monetization, Content Assests, Build up Influencer

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What We Offer

  • Web Design & Development

    B2B, B2C, Ecommerce, Elearning, Online Booking & Scheduling, Custome Web Design and Development, Content Management Systems, CRM integration

  • Mobile Design & Development

    IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Wearable Devices Applications. Online Order Managements, Payment Managements, Shopping Carts

  • Technical Solutions

    IT Consulting, Agile Methodologies, SaaS, Cloud Applications, System Integration, Affordable Software Services

  • Business Solutions

    Business Plans, Market Research, Presentations, Business Analysis, Business Process Management, Vendor Research

  • UI/UX Architecture & Design

    Workflow, Wireframe, Information Architecutre, Usability & Accessability, Sprint Design, Rapid Prototyping, Monetize Minimum Viable Products

  • Digital Marketing

    Strategize & Plan the Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Email Campaigns, Blogs, Podcasts, SEO, PPC, CPI/CPM

  • Web Hosting & Emails

    Website Hosting, Domain, unlimited diskspace and bandwith, email accounts, security set up and install, SSL, fast performance and optimized

  • Branding & Logo

    Brand Identity & Logos, Colors, Domains, Tagline, Slogans & Messages, Graphics, Patterns, Typography, Market Positioning

By utilizing high end technologies, methodologies and best practices of Information Technology, we can predict and deliver the future by innovation.